Live From The Tabernacle

Need answers? Having trouble? Here are some frequently asked questions.
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What precisely does this site sell?
My LIVE FROM THE TABERNACLE COMEDY SPECIAL in digital format for direct download or streaming to your computer or device.
What format is the digital material in?
The special is a video H.264 encoded in an MP4 container. It should be playable in any modern system. We recommend the free and open-source VLC player for playback.
How do I pay for things?
We support payments via PayPal. If you have an existing account, you can use that. If you don't, you don't have to open one; you can just do a one-time payment.
Are there any restrictions on what I can do with copies of shows?
We only ask that you do not redistribute or sell the material. Once you download a show, it's yours to keep forever, and yours to use for any reasonable personal use.
Does it matter where I live?
Generally, no. We do not have any geographical restrictions. However, PayPal may have a few, so please accept our apologies if you're in a location they do not serve.
Do I need Flash to watch the shows?
No. Streaming is in HTML5 direct video mode where available. Flash kicks in if you don't have a compatible browser.

Account Issues

I never got my confirmation email after buying.
Check your SPAM or junk mail folder. If you can't find it in your inbox or SPAM/junk, please contact support directly.
How do I get a refund?
If you would like a refund, please contact our support staff with your receipt from, and they can take it from there.

Technical Issues

I tried to download something to my iPad/iPhone/Kindle/Xbox and it didn't work.
Although many of these devices can stream video, most of them cannot save downloads. If you would like to download the show for viewing on your device, download it to your PC/Mac and transfer or sync the file from there. If you don't know how to do this with your device, please contact support at the device's manufacturer.
I tried to burn a DVD but it didn't work.
The video files we provide are as mainstream and compatible as we can make them, so they should work for the vast majority of software out there. Unfortunately we're not able to offer support for DVD burning. If you need help burning a DVD, please contact the manufacturers of the software.
My download was interrupted.
We use Amazon Cloud for distributing the digital files, and they find a server closest to your location for the best possible speed. However, sometimes connections can be slow. We would recommend trying other browsers if you see frequent interruptions, and another internet connection if one continues to fail.

If you have no luck or need more help, contact our support staff.
Streaming is glitchy.
Glitchy streaming can be caused by a slow internet connection, or buggy software. The first thing to do would be to try another computer or connection. If you still have no luck, please try downloading the file and transfer it to whatever device you prefer to watch/listen on.
I have problems playing a downloaded video.
Please try VLC Player ( which should be able to play the file fine. If you continue to have trouble, try another download or contact support.

None of the above help?

Send an email to and we'll do our best to help you out.